GlareGuard provide a wide range of window films to suit many purposes for commercial needs both in the North East and on a National basis. Solar control window films provide an effective solution for a range of glass related issues. This can include heat, glare and fading all of which can be reduced. GlareGuard can provide a suitable window film product for any situation in Middlesbrough no matter your commercial request. Want to know more? Simply give us a call today and where a friendly member of our team will be happy to talk through all of your needs.

Our solar control window film is available in a variety of grades and finishes, ensuring we provide a wide range of choice for performance and purpose for our customers in Middlesbrough. Once your window film is installed, the film is really easy to maintain, allowing you to relax and enjoy the benefits as soon as it is in place. This means there is no more heat, glare or fading disrupting you from your daily duties or work. For a guaranteed high quality window film application, GlareGuard are the ones to call. We offer our services on both a Nationwide and local basis in Middlesbrough and other areas in the North East. So no matter where you are in the country, you can always put your trust in GlareGuard to provide the best window film installation service!


Commercial Solar Control Window Films

Solar Control window film can be used to solve a range of problems. We provide long lasting and durable, window film offering a cost friendly solution to avoid costly replacement windows and glass. If your quality of work is being threatened or disrupted by glare from the sun or overpowering heat, GlareGuard solar window window film is the perfect product for your needs.

What Can Solar Control Window Films Protect Against?


It goes without saying that heat can be an issue for properties with windows directly facing the sunlight. With the sunlight streaming through the glass, temperatures can quickly become uncomfortable and over heated. Our solar control window film however, will prevent this from occurring. This will leave you with a steady building up of heat, resulting in a more stable, cooler and moderate temperature for your working environment. The window film is designed and built to reflect the sunlight away from entering the room. This makes a more effective and cooler solution than traditional methods like blinds for example, that still allow heat to enter the room.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency remains high on the agenda for businesses in Middlesbrough. With environmental pressures and rising energy costs becoming a high expense for businesses, having a cost effective solution to saving money is crucial. Our solar control window films work by reducing excess heat levels, the strain on air conditioning units and lowering the running costs and bills for your business. All of this together can result in huge savings for your business, whilst being more economical and environmentally friendly.



Glare can be a issue all year round, with the bright sunshine in the summer and the low lying position of the sun during winter months. This makes it difficult to focus on screens, equipments or colleagues whilst having the glaring sun in your eyes or in the way. A simple application of solar control window film will cut down and reduce the glare, whilst maintaining the view and without having to sacrifice too much natural light. This will allow you to continue doing your daily duties at work without any disruption or discomfort from the sun.

UV Protection

UV protection is another benefit of using solar control window film. This is due to the fact that it blocks out up to 99% of sun UV rays which can be extremely harmful. The solar film will help combat fading and leave your working environment in Middlesbrough a much more comfortable position, so you can focus on your work without harm or powerful sun rays coming through.


Solar Control Window Films with GlareGuard

If you are looking for an effective solution to block out sun rays, glare and heat, then solar control window films are the best choice for you. GlareGuard provide a wide range of window films for customers in Middlesbrough and surrounding areas in the North East as well as on a National basis too. Interested? Simply give us a call today to discuss your needs when it comes to window films and protection in Middlesbrough and surrounding areas and we will source the best window film to accommodate to all of your needs.