Our quality window tint and film solutions are supplied to the best quality to ensure the upmost safety and security within your residential or commercial premises. With a large product range, you’re bound to find a product to suit your requirements, you can also rest assured as our team will provide a first-class service.

Window tint and films – all you need to know

Safety and security is a number one priority when it comes to your home or work place, that’s why we stock a large range of window film solutions, to guarantee the protection of your premises, colleagues and your stock in and around Sunderland.

Our window tinting films are applied to the glass to reinforce it, the film will toughen the glass which means if it was to smash, instead of shattering, the pieces will all be held together by the film. All of our products are effective barriers which aim to protect your windows.

The law states that particular locations should adhere to legal requirements when it comes to glass and that there should be a standard in place when it comes to safety. This law is stated as glass is fragile and can easily break which can then result in potentially dangerous consequences, such as injuries and further damage. When glass breaks it smashes, with our films for windows, the glass will stay together instead of shattering and breaking off. By utilising window films, they deter criminals by blocking out the inside of your home or premises, meaning burglars are less likely to strike as they can’t see what’s inside.



Safety and window privacy film is vital when it comes to protection, whether it’s in your home or business premises. Our products ensure window safety by reinforcing the glass, the film holds the window in place, so if the glass shatters, it will stick together, instead of falling everywhere. Not having the film on would cause glass to break off everywhere and could cause potential injuries. So utilising these products really does provide a safer environment.


Privacy window film is also a top security measure, having them placed on your windows or doors will block them out meaning you cannot see through them clearly. By doing this it can discourage potential thieves from burglary as they are less likely to be attracted by your goods, stock or equipment in your property, so are less likely to break in and steal from you if they aren’t sure there’s valuables inside.

Our window films and tints

Our team can provide a full application service when it comes to your window and door requirements. Upgrading your glass will create a safer environment and deter damaging situations.

At GlareGuard, our specialists have a wealth of experience when it comes to window films and tinting solutions. Whether you already have films on your windows, we can come up with a way to install the products you need. Having more than one film can be an option as different products can be beneficial in different ways.

Our services include installation to various areas of your property such as patio doors, glass houses, pool houses, windows, summer rooms and conservatories. </>

The products we provide don’t just ensure the safety and security of your property, they also offer further benefits including UV protection, CO2 reduction and lowering energy bills. At GlareGuard we also offer decorative window film, for something a bit different.

GlareGuard provide quality window tint film products across Sunderland

Our team of qualified technicians strive to offer the highest standard of service when it comes to tinted windows and films. At GlareGuard we pride ourselves on a first-class window tint film solution through a value product and service at cheap prices, every one of our products is bespoke to your needs.

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Based in Sunderland? Do you require safety and security film fittings to your windows? Whether its commercial or residential window tinting, make sure you give us a call, our team go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your product, if you’re not happy then neither are we! So for an efficient and effective service and great window tinting prices, contact our team today!

Our range of window solutions also includes window films for cars and glare reducing window film and as well as Sunderland we also cover Newcastle and Durham.