Conservatory Window Films in Middlesbrough

GlareGuard can supply and install a comprehensive range of high quality window films for your conservatory in Middlesbrough. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and are able to provide you with the highest standard of window films, ensuring your conservatory looks great. So whatever your requirements, simply call GlareGuard in Middlesbrough today!

Window Films for your Conservatory

Conservatory window films can dramatically reduce the amount of heat which enters through your glazing, helping to keep your conservatory cooler and more comfortable. GlareGuard are also aim to reduce glares and helping enable reading, watching TV, relaxing or working, whatever you do in your conservatory.

When it comes to conservatories, they can cost thousands of pounds and what is a beautiful conservatory area, can sometimes suffer from intolerable heat and glare problems during the summer. This can make them virtually unusable for months, with temperatures of up to 40°C being recorded, as well as excessive glare making everyday pleasures such as reading, impossible.

Choose GlareGuard for your conservatory window films

Our products are a type of solar control window films, they’re specifically designed for residential use and use high performance metalised coatings which when applied to polycarbonate or glass roofs, this prevents heat from building up as it reflects the suns heat away before being transmitted inside.

The benefits of window films

  • They can reject up to 86% of solar heat
  • They also provide insulation in winter
  • Reduce glare by up to 76%
  • Help protect against sun damage and UV fading
  • Pleasing appearance
  • Less expensive and more effective than the alternatives available


  • Installation is quick, clean and easy
  • There’s a range available including internal or external installations
  • Solutions available for glass and polycarbonate roofs


  • Window films tend not to require maintenance
  • When they’re professionally installed, the film will carry a warranty

Choose GlareGuard for Conservatory Window Films in Middlesbrough

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