Here at GlareGuard, we have been the number one choice for commercial window tinting and films in Yorkshire for many years now. This is due to our ever growing reputation for delivering excellent products at very competitive prices to businesses around Yorkshire. We have helped businesses to achieve a number of things including improving the safety of their workers and reducing the heat coming through their windows into their workplace. We have a very skilled and experienced team able to fit our window films on as many windows as you need. We provide the highest quality of commercial window films anywhere in Yorkshire so you can rest assured that you are in very good hands when dealing with us here at GlareGuard.


Benefits of Window Films / Tinting

The amount of benefits that come with the installation of our commercial window films are immeasurable. They offer many advantages to all areas of your company including helping with screen glare and workplace safety. The commercial window films that we offer businesses in Yorkshire offer a number of benefits including:

  • Excessive heat can cause problems for anyone residing in your property, our commercial window films help to combat this.
  • Our window films can help reduce the screen glare caused by the sun.
  • The window films can increase the privacy of your workplace, making it difficult for people walking past to see inside of your business.
  • Improving the security of your business by installing our window films will help your staff to feel more secure at work.
  • The sun’s rays can cause things to fade. Our window films provide the means to combat this issue and can help prevent the harmful effects caused by sun rays
  • Our window films can help significantly improve the visual aspect of your business

If you choose to work with GlareGuard and install commercial window films into your Yorkshire based business, you won’t be disappointed. We can have lasting effects on all aspects of your business, improving everything from productivity to the security of your workplace. Are you searching for a practical way to improve the quality of life for your workers and the protection of your business assets? If so, call upon GlareGuard to install commercial window films in your business in Yorkshire.


Choose GlareGuard – The Commercial Window Film and Tinting Specialists

If you are looking for commercial window film specialists in Yorkshire who value their customers, GlareGuard are the company for you. We don’t believe in ‘skimping out’ on our customers and we strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction with all of the window films that we install. If you’re happy, we’re happy. We offer a wide array of commercial window films to all of our customers in Yorkshire, allowing you to choose what film is right for you and your business. Our team will also discuss your needs and requirements with you, finding out what exactly it is that you need and tailoring our work around that. We can also offer advice about what we think will best suit your business. Contact us today if you want to find out more about how we are able to assist you and work with you to improve all aspects of your business.