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We specialise in reducing the heat and glare from the sun, whether your company has 10 or 100 windows, we will provide a personalised window film and window tinting service in Durham to suit your requirements.

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What are Window Films and Tints?

Window films and tinting are designed specifically for glass related problems including glare, heat, safety, security and privacy. It’s a thin sheet of plastic, the thickness ranges, which can be vinyl or polyester and is designed to stick to the surface of glass.

What type of Window Film and Tinting do I require?


Having windows which are glazed, often increases the problem of heat, the way a magnifying glass does when the sun shines through it. This extra heat can make offices too hot, in this case solar control window film is required to ensure the workplace is comfortable.


It’s difficult to focus on a screen when there is a glare from the window, which also makes working difficult, an anti-glare window film that maintains the natural light in the office will help to solve this problem.


Privacy, especially in the workplace can be an issue, with company, client and colleague meetings taking place every day the use of window films will ensure you can continue your business operations in private.

Safety and Security

Using safety and security window films can potentially protect you against the possibility of a break in, with a range of different films and tints available to deter intruders.


UV rays from the sun have the tendency to cause things to fade, specialist UV protection window films will protect your items and prevent the harmful fading effects caused by sunlight.


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Glass Decoration

Glass decoration includes logos, other graphics, wallpaper and glass manifestation being added to your windows.

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At GlareGuard we have a wealth of industry experience when it comes to installing commercial window films, so look no further, we can guarantee we will produce only the highest quality work for your business in Durham. We also pride ourselves on the brilliant customer service and satisfaction we provide.

Our film and tint products ensure your Durham Business has the most professional looking premises, why risk not having the highest standard of window film for your business!

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