Window Film & Shop Window Graphics

in Middlesbrough & the North East

We provide quality window tinting across the North East including Middlesbrough across the UK and Europe.

Commercial Window Films

For commercial window tinting and films at your business premises, look no further, we provide quality window vinyl printing in Middlesbrough & the North East. Tinting saves money on cooling and heating and reduces carbon emissions, as well as providing a great way to promote your business. Whilst our printed vinyls offer everything you need from a window film, they’re also a decoration piece and can be designed to display any consumer message or promote your business in anyway you like.

Car Window Tinting

At Glareguard we insist on only using the highest grade auto tint films and car window tint. With our CARBON performance films you get a lifetime guarantee, car window tints will improve the appearance of your car, but they also reduce heat and glare whilst giving you privacy inside your vehicle. They also help to reduce the fading inside your vehicle. So for car window films and tinting in Middlesbrough, the North East and across the UK, look no further.

Residential Window Films

Our residential window film installations provide protection from the sun in your home, they reduce solar heat, eliminate glare and block harmful UV rays in the summer. They’re also great when it comes to privacy and making sure that your property is safe and secure, as well as reducing the amount of fading that could effect your home in the warmer weather. Protect your home with our window films and tinting in Middlesbrough and the North East.


Residential and Commercial Window Tinting and Films across Middlesbrough & the North East

We fit a range of solar, safety & security window films and offer a vehicle window tinting service. Our aim is to give our customers a first class service from your first enquiry through to installation. Our window film fitters work to only the highest standards, making sure that you notice the difference when you choose our window film services.

Our experienced team of trained and skilled fitters transform ordinary glazing into tinted windows that help keep the sun out, improve energy consumption, safety, security and the look of a building, and can also add privacy. At Glare Guard our team of specialists have been providing window tint and film services for a number of years, so you can trust that you’re in the right hands, our professionals will always ensure they go the extra mile to make sure you receive a quality product and service.

Our Product Range

Our window films can be applied to the workplace, commercial premises, the home or the car. Below are a list of our services.










Who We’ve Worked With

We work throughout the UK and across Europe, offering window film solutions to offices, shops, schools, banks, homes and more. We only use films from the best suppliers, and fit them to the highest standards.


There’s a number of benefits to window films, this includes eye comfort, UV protection, increased safety and security, as well as privacy. Window films can also help conserve energy and make your property look more visually appealing, should you choose designs and graphics on the film.

Window films can create a much more comfortable environment through consistent climate control, this is through eliminating “cold wall” and “hot wall” problems. They also help rooms stay more comfortable during the summer and winter, through reducing “hot spots” no matter where the sun is shining.

Yes, window film does add a degree of shatter resistance to the glass in your property or vehicle. The film bonds to the glass and helps hold dangerous glass fragments in place, should a breakage occur due to a accident, natural disaster or illegal entry.

At GlareGuard, our team of professionals will work alongside you so that you don’t have to make the decision alone. Our team are specialists when it comes to window films and have the knowledge and skills required to make sure you choose the right window film for your property. We’ll discuss your needs and then recommend the best product, we can also provide samples to ensure you choose the window film that meets all of your requirements.

At GlareGuard you can trust that you’re in the right hands, we have been providing window films and tinting across the North East and UK, for a number of years, so you can rest assured that our professional team will meet all of your requirements when it comes to your window films.

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